Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How I blog.

Anyone who has ever experienced the joy of being blissfully unemployed and left to their own devices for a summer has probably fallen into the same trap as me. Now it has been a problem for a while now, and they say it is best to just fess up to problems so here I go.

I have become addicted to Cosmo TV and I watch 1 hour of sex and the city every day.

It gets worse.

Whenever I am blogging I secretly pretend to be Carrie writing her column. I sometimes even wear questionable clothing and ask myself questions with a philosophical tone. Does sharing something with someone reveal more to them or to yourself? (Okay so that could only scarcely be defined as "philosophical" but I said it in the right tone looking out my window!)

So there, I have come straight out with it and accepted it. I am a SATC Carrie Blogger Wannabe.


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Pine & Lord said...

That is so funny Megan. I can't say exactly the same is true for me. I usually blog unshowered, in my most disgusting, comfy pjs, while sitting on the only chair I own looking at a blank wall. Also, I don't have TV and can't be inspired by the cute banter of SATC. Rather, I watch Whose Line is it Anyway on Youtube.