Friday, August 1, 2008

Circular story

Sometimes at work you just need to let off a little creative energy.

The following sometimes ensues.

Jason: we should break into their homes and kidnap them and then leave them in a ditch somewhere
that would be cool eh?
me: cool like a rusty axe
Jason: ... in the freezer ...
me: .... in a zoo basement ....
Jason: ... tied to a bag of nails that are also rusty ...
me: .. with a history of evil use...
Jason: like building ugly homes
me: for tobacco plantation owners
Jason: who have siphilis
me: and who refuse to acknowledge the outcome of the civil war
Jason: and sell peaches at a grossly inflated rate
me: because their favourite voodoo lady told them to
Jason: the same voodoo lady that invented American Idol
me: and who directs kanye west videos
Jason: and doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom
me: much to the disgust of her pet parrot "Cracker"
Jason: Who repeats all of her racial slurs in public
me: in an east indian accent that she acquired during her recent stay
Jason: in my basement tied to a rusty axe and some rusty nails
me: *and SCENE!!


Jason said...

That is some quality stuff.

Megan said...

someday jason, someday.