Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Delay

Sorry for such the long delay in posting something. Lately I have been having trouble deciding whether I should be using this blog for observations and pseudo-witty monologues or whether I should be using this as a journal of my adventures out here. I think I have come to the decision that this shouldn't be as hard as I have been making it. I am going to use this blog for both documentary and entertainment purposes. :)

So with this in mind I begin.

Things have calmed down out here since our things arrived. The condo is pretty much all set up. We have bought 75% of our furniture, we have hung 40% of our art, and we are enjoying it 100%. We are also starting to get a better sense of our community. We have the "big trip" grocery store that we have decided that we are NEVER shopping at on the weekend or between the hours of 4:30-6:30 on weekdays. It is just nuts in there with the rush hour crowd. Furthermore weekend grocery shoppers are rude, pushy, and generally uncomfortable to shop with. No offense to any of you out there, but wow, you should take a stop at the flower stand at the front of the store and smell the roses. Anyway, we have also found our "small trip" grocery store that is a 3 minute walk from our door to theirs. The food is a little more pricey and the produce stand a tad less variety filled but it does the milk or cookie run well. We have also scouted out some of the local pubs and it seems to be a cool scene. Very "lets meet up after work for drinks and an appy." There are also come cute restaurants that Jeff and I can go to once we have some cash flow. The little "all day breakfast" eatery Nellie's is sure to be a fav and I cannot wait to take my friends there! I think Bexx would LOVE it!

Speaking of friends, being this far removed from everything and everyone has not been easy. Mom was visiting this past week and it was REALLY nice to have her around. I thought I might get sick of her, but I didn't. I don't know if I would want to live with her again but I did love having her around. We went to Ikea and decided on some decor for our place. The long living area (kitchen, dining, living) is going to be a mix of modern pieces and traditional pieces in black, white, gold, orange, and forest green. The den is a more functional space with no real decor yet, the master bath has a glam beach feel to it with seashells and my Marilyn shrine, and the bedroom is going to be dedicated to nature and trees. It will take quite some time to make everything feel homey and right, but it is a process that I am genuinely looking forward to.

I registered for my classes today. One of the two mandatory classes I take is offered at the world's most awkward times. M AND W 9:00-10:15 AND F 9:00-11:50. There goes my plans to spend my mornings at home writing. Someone once told me that the best time to write is in the morning when your cognitive resources have not been zapped by other things yet. I had planned to incorporate this into morning ritual along with "breathing space yoga" on channel 123 but I guess I will have to rethink that. I am also upset because now I have Friday classes which is the one thing I was going to try to avoid. Jeff gets some Fridays off and I wanted to be open to fly home. The good part is that it is early enough in the morning that I can catch an afternoon flight. Also, that is the lab section. I am hoping (although this possibility is doubtful) the lab will not be mandatory or at least something I can just skip if I need the Friday off.

I think that brings most people up to date on my life here in cowtown so far. I miss home and my friends so much but I am genuinely enjoying setting up a new life here.


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Pine & Lord said...

Your neighbourhood sounds like my neighbourhood except that instead of a singular 'local bum', I have a dozen or so. And maybe a crime lord or two. Oh yeah, I live on Langside now! I'm buying mace soon-ish.

ALso, miss you! Thanks for the card! It made my day!