Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blame Bush

There comes a time in one's life where they have to seriously think about where they stand in this world. For some it comes after a long period of light drug use or a short period of heavy. For some it comes after realizing where one's parents lie on issues. For others yet it comes when a public figure they admire for so much makes comments that shock or take actions that offend.

Regardless of how one gets there, or even regardless of where one finds oneself them in this world, it would be futile to claim you know where you are without acknowledging the forces that have you put you there. Society has funny ways of pushing and pulling you through the political spectrum. Religion and God (or fate or the master plan) have others. Once you find yourself at the political crossroads you must consider many things.

Does believing in X mean I mean in Y? Are the two a pair? Can I believe in gay marriage yet vote Conservative?

Each person has many of their own tensions and conflicts that play out in a similar manner. Can I enjoy meat but join PETA? Can I date my best friend's ex when she can't date mine? Each conflict comes with its own set of explanations and regardless of where one stands or how hypocritical or horrible the reasoning is, we have to believe it. It is where we are. It is uncomfortable not to know where we are.

Where am I?

Blame Bush.

Seems simple right? He is evil. All he does is evil. Those that support him are evil.

He singlehandedly ruined the world. What a powerful man. He must be Jesus or some other saint sent from an unimaginable universe to be bestowed with the power to ruin the world. The people who's crops and yields that are so horribly tainted, the people that will suffer the brunt of the Bush sword must have known this man was evil. Must have had their right to vote for a leader squashed and this man must have reined in terror to have kept such power.

The very same constitution that allows you to say whatever the hell you want about your president is the same as the one that gives people power. It gives people the power to vote. It gives people the power to care. One X once every 4 years is all it takes (or so we are told).

Keeping this in mind, I sat in an arena with 45,000 strangers as NIN proudly proclaim that Bush ruined America. The crowd screamed their support at their idol on a pedestal. They give up their individual voices to add their noise to the crowd's cries. They waved their hands and passed the beer. Each one knowing that they are too smart to vote for such an idiot. Too educated on the issues to let Bush happen here. NIN said it, it must be true.

It made my mind wander to similar conferences and ceremonies.

Bush supporters standing in a room with Bush on his pedestal, drinking their kool-aid in ignorance. They give up individual thought and scream their support while waving their hands and signs in unison with others. I am too stupid not to follow this man. I am too educated on the issues not to vote Bush. The president said it, it must be true.

Who is the lamb I ask? I choose to follow a guitar-laden maverick in a quiet metal revolution against "the man" or I choose to follow a stamp-toting politician who with a country's permission takes action approved by more country-approved people.

I hate Bush because Perez said so.

Good for you.

When you are sitting on your crossroads wondering to yourself "who am I? where am I?" don't think for 5 seconds that the concert cries, the convention chorus, or the online arm-chair intellectual are not telling you where you should be or who you are. Every person, situation, and spirit are quietly pulling you to where they need you to be. Will you listen?

"join us here"
"he is bad"
"i am your leader"

they whisper into your oblivion.

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