Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Columbia Pictures Lady

Just a quick observation that the Columbia Pictures lady (you all know the one I am talking about, she has a torch and she always has a big orchestra led introduction at the beginning of movies), besides having a striking resemblance to my mother-in-law, also has a kick-ass pear-shape. Let all pear-shaped women rejoice in their movie icon! I think this may be Hollywood's secret way to show that they approve of more diverse body types than just the ones pictured in their movies.

(I would like to note however that there is NO movie icon for those of us blessed with a less "fruity" and more "jello-mold" shape. Well, the MGM lion isn't far off.....)

P.S. This is just a quick retraction to my earlier comment about Hollywood's secret approval. I think it was a mistake, an Easter Egg if you will, left by an outraged pear-shaped Columbia worker who had a vendetta against the very company that employed her (or I guess for political correctedness it is only appropriate to say him/her. Men's body types are so often overlooked.) Also, I would expect that once the executives find this post (and let's be honest they someday will) the pear-shaped idol will go on a diet and become a toothpick. Maybe I should preemptively start a petition to leave the Columbia Lady alone. I'll put it on my to-do list. Right next to -wait for stuff to arrive and -save money for IKEA.

P.P.S. In response to my earlier post, the post publishing interface is amazingly simple and not confusing as previously feared.

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