Thursday, November 5, 2009

rachel roy invades my sick day

so what do you do when you are sick, don't want to infect others, and cancel all your daily appointments? shop online of course. instead of buying I simply concocted stories for you about how I would wear each garment. jump on over to rachel roy's website to see the collection for yourself.

so as my blog followers know, I love patterns and own none of them myself. I can see this dress being worn to a summer social, an all night dance party, or dressed up with opaque tights and a cardigan for a day at the office. I would pair it with some sexy black ankle boots, and wear a cropped pea-coat jacket in a solid colour. either way, it is adorable.

this dress screams new years eve to me. I have a strong dislike for glitter (I blame my mother's undiscriminating use of it) but I do appreciate shine. It also reminds me that I need to get some new year's plans. I would pair it with my hot pink tights from grade 12 or my floor length black tights. I think patent leather would be an appropriate shoe.

both these dresses are called "the 24 hour dress" and I just couldn't decide on the print. I like it with a cute peep toe or even flats to make it a more day look. Sushi would be an appropriate outing or perhaps hanging at a lounge Billabong perhaps?) with your girlfriends.

mmmm cropped leather jacket. lately I have been dying for some good coats. I think cropped is so hot right now and leather jackets are always investment pieces. vintage leather bomber jackets have also been on my radar. this coat would be the perfect finishing touch to any of the above mentioned outfits or just to wear over my no pattern basic wardrobe now. jackets like this really let the accessories speak for you. my pink leaf ears would set off the bad ass tones of leather so well! I think a cropped or leather (or both!) jacket just found it's way to my Christmas list, oh my!

may you all avoid what I have and if you can't, may your chicken noodle soup be warm, your crackers stay crunchy in it, and your husband not miss with the ear drop application. ;)


Michelle said...

I love the printed 24 hour dress. But damn my child-bearing hips! Dresses with drop-waists that draw a horizontal line across them are bad, bad.

Michelle said...

FYI: I'm not sure you realize how much effort I exert when I comment on your (or any) blog. After twice trying to type my google password into the spam word verification box, I then misspelled the spam word 'pellum' as 'bellum' twice more before figuring it all out.

I don't even know anymore...